Apa Metode Pembelajaran Yang Digunakan Dalam Pengajaran Plh Di Sd

The degradation of environmental quality caused by human negligence, ignorance, lack of ethics/kesopansantunan towards the environment. Environmental education is a significant subject to be taught to elementary students, to acquire knowledge, awareness and implement the environmentally-friendly-attitude and behavior.The aims of this study are (1) to analyze the effective teaching method on environmental education in Adiwiyata-achiever Primary Schools; and (2) to analyze the aspects on selecting the teaching method on environmental education. The method of this research is quantitative method with descriptive analysis. The study has conducted in Adiwiyata achiever schools, which are SDN Klender 22, SDN Benhil 12, SDN Menteng 02, and SDN Sungai Bambu 05. There are 46 respondents. The result shows that the effective teaching methods used by the Adiwiyata-achiever schools are lecture, discussion, and experiential methods. The selection of teaching method is based on the criteria of the objective…

Source: https://www.academia.edu/58683477/Metode_Pengajaran_Dalam_Pendidikan_Lingkungan_Hidup_Pada_Siswa_Sekolah_Dasar_Studi_Pada_Sekolah_Adiwiyata_DI_Dki_Jakarta_

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