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(Updated as of Jun 19, 2019)

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What does Baekseok Arts University stand for?

Baekseok Arts University (BAU)
is a private art college in
Seoul, South Korea.
The school was
founded in 1983
with the establishment of the school corporation, Chongsin Institute. In 2002, the institution’s name was changed to Baekseok School of the Arts mencicil it was changed to its present name as Baekseok Arts University.

BAU’s programs focus on
music and design. The university’s negeri of studies includes music, design, fine art, food, tourism, airline service, education, languages, social welfare, and business administration.

Baekseok Arts University is committed to training Christian professionals in the arts. This is in line with the university’s Vision21 that aims to produce global leaders through Service Training, Practical Training, Arts Education, and Character Education.

Baekseok University Fact:

  • Since its establishment, BAU has already produced a number of well-known Korean artists including Minzi, singer of the K-Pop group 2NE1.

What programs & courses does Baekseok Arts University offer?

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