Belajar Bahasa Inggris Untuk Anak Sd Kelas 5

Ideal tanya bahasa Inggris ini sangat sekata untuk melatih kemampuan berbahasa Inggris anak-anak asuh Beliau nan saat ini membiasakan di sekolah asal (SD)

Langsung sekadar silakan simak sajian berikut ini….

Pertanyaan Bahasa Inggris SD kelas bawah 5

Choose the correct answer

1.      Rina just  won math competation.  Her friends say……

A.      I am so sorry

B.      Thank you

C.      Good bye

D.     Congratulation

2.      You don’t bring your pencil. You ask your friends to borrow it. How do you say it?

A.      May I borrow your pencil?

B.      May I come to your house?

C.      Your pencil is nice.

D.     The pencil is on your table.

3.      Can You show me on the way to train station?

A.      It is in front of the bus stop.

B.      It is around here.

C.      Go straight this street.  It is on the right side of this street.

D.     It is near here.

4.      A :  Whose pencil is it?

B :   It is …………..

A.      On the table.

B.      New.

C.      Expensive.

D.     Mine

5.  A:  Do you mind helping her to take that bag? B:   …………………

A.      Thanks

B.      Good  Job

C.      Yes, I do

D.     Congratulation

6.   Today is Monday. What day is tomorrow?  It is……..

a.      Friday

b.      Saturday

c.       Tuesday

d.      Thursday

7.   What month is after  May?  It is …….

a.      August

b.      March

c.       June

d.      July

8.    What month has 30 days? It is…….

a.      May

b.      June

c.       July

d.      February

9.   How many hours are there in a day?

a.      There are 30 hours.

b.      There are 24 hours.

c.       There are 20 hours.

d.      There are  10 hours.

10.  What time do you go to school? (6.30)

It is  at…

a.      Six o’clock

b.      Seven   thirty

c.       Six   thirty

d.      Five o’clock

Contoh tanya bahasa inggris kelas  5 sekolah sumber akar : Reading

Today is Sunday. I and my family  are driving  to the Beach.  It is sunny.  The beach is clean. There are many coconut tree there. The sand is white.  There are many  people having fun there.  They are swimming  and  playing ball at the beach. Our parents are sitting on  our  rug. They are reading and listening to the music.  I and my sisters  are making sand castle.  We are having lunch then.  There are many souvenirs seller there. We are happy today.

11.  How did  they go to the beach?They went to the beach by……

a.      Bus

b.      Car

c.       Bike

d.      Train

12 What kind of tree  are there on the beach? There are…………..

a.      Mango tree

b.      Coconut tree

c.       Flowers

d.      Grass

13.  Are they happy at the beach?

a.      Yes, they are.

b.      No, they nira’lengkung langit

c.       Yes, they do

d.      No, they don’t

14. what day is today?

a. it is  Saturday

b. it is   Friday

c. it  is   Sunday

d. it is Wednesday

15.  What are the children doing? They are  …..

a.      Running

b.      Sleeping

c.       Playing sand

d.      reading

Baca pun contoh soal bahasa Inggris Papan bawah 6 Sekolah Sumber akar.

Demikian kamil cak bertanya bahasa Inggris yang bisa kami bagikan, seyogiannya bermanfaat dan syukur.


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