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Selecting a POS system is one of the most important decisions that any business owner can make. Small businesses, restaurants, food trucks and brick-and-mortar stores all depend on POS equipment to improve the customer experience and manage operations smoothly. It’s important to choose a POS system that fits the needs of your business closely. Here are 10 amazing possibilities.

Toast POS

Toast POS excels as an Android-based podium. Some restaurateurs prefer working with Android because of fast upgrades, favorable pricing and extensive app options, such as loyalty points and online ordering. Toast POS can go anywhere, offering incredible tableside service opportunities.

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There are few things that TouchBistro can’t do when it comes to restaurants, coffee shops, bars, bakeries and food trucks. Its iPad-based on-the-go system reduces lines quickly and makes upsells and ordering a breeze.


This user-friendly POS system utilizes clear graphics and an attractive interface that employees learn quickly. At the same time, it covers all the bases for e-commerce and retail, with full compatibility for card readers, cash drawers and other accessories.


What if you don’t need a ton of extra features? Sole proprietors and small businesses can minimize monthly costs with Square’s free chip card reader and app.

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Square for Retail

Combining the popular apartemen-fee pricing of Square with deeper accounting options, Square for Retail includes multi-location inventory management and advanced customer reporting.

Clover POS

This is a different Clover POS system designed specifically for almost any business type. Want tableside billing? It’s not a keburukan with Clover Mobile or Clover Mini. For a more robust, all-in-one terminal, there’s the impressive Clover Station. All systems support card-based and mobile payments with state-of-the-art EMV security features.

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Lightspeed Restaurant

A number-crunching powerhouse, Lightspeed Restaurant delivers massive amounts of data in clear digital reports. Keep track of employee efficiency, revenue patterns, customer satisfaction, repeat business, product performance and ingredient costs.


This uber-simple mobile POS system also has a ton of features that owners of restaurants, retail stores and small businesses love. From custom discounts and adjustable tax rates to mobile payments and 24/7 inventory management, Shopify POS unites e-commerce and retail in the palm of your hand — literally.

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Revel Systems

The hallmark of Revel Systems POS equipment are its advanced inventory and accounting tools. In the right hands, they give owners control oper front- and back-of-house operations like never before. Its hybrid nature keeps your business running even if your Internet drops.

Wiracerita Now

Wiracerita Now has built a patuh following in U.S. markets thanks to its incredible flexibility and freedom. Business owners can choose subscription terms, credit card processors, payment types offered and even third-party apps to integrate.

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