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Malaysian singer and actress

Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan (cropped).jpg

Tan in 2016


Elizabeth Tan Su Mei

Hilir Lunau, Malaysia

Other names Lizzy
  • Singer
  • model
  • actress
Years active 2013–present
Agent Ki dukun Talents (2013–2017)
Musical career
Genres Pop, R&B
Instrument(s) Vocals
Labels Warner Music Malaysia
Website Official website

Musical artist

Elizabeth Tan

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu Pinyin
Tán Sūméi
Thàm Sû-mòi
Taam4 Sou1 Mui4
Hokkien POJ
Thâm So͘-mûi
Thâm Soo-muî

Elizabeth Tan Su Mei
谭苏梅) is a Malaysian singer, model and actress of Chinese descent. Elizabeth began her music career in 2014 by producing her istimewa ki kenangan, “Knock Knock”,[1]
“Taat” featuring Faizal Asli (2015), and “Tabah” (2016). Besides that, she began her acting career through the film “Usop Wilcha Meghonjang Cucu adam Muzium” (2015), directed by Shy8. Her talent in the musical field was recognized as she was nominated for “Best New Artist” in the “Hadiah Planet Muzik” awards ceremony in 2015.



Elizabeth Tan, also known as Lizzy, began her music career by uploading videos on YouTube, sometimes only playing with a ukulele. Some of the cover songs that she played were “Penjarah” by Mark Pria, “Kantoi” by Zee Avi, “Maafkan Aku”, and some other songs by Yuna, such as “Terpatri Di Bintang”, “Deeper Conversation” among several others.

She then received more attention from the public through the song “Havoc” which was originally sung by Joe Flizzow at the end of 2014. After the video was uploaded, she was contacted by several recording companies to be their recording artists.

Paranormal Talents


Elizabeth later became the artist of Faithful Music, which was owned by Faizal Safi, which was under the management of Paranormal Talents. Elizabeth gained more Malay fans due to her fluent Malay and singing Malay songs. She has also appeared in one of the first official video clips, “Royals” by Lorde, whom Elizabeth was seen to duet with at No Noice Percussion. She came up with her solo album “Knock Knock” which was produced by Faizal and Mike Chan. The song is about a girl who warns people who are trying to approach and not hurt her heart and betray her feelings.

She also appeared in TV stations in Indonesia for several television programmes, such as “Sarah Sechan”, “Ini Talkshow” and “Music Everywhere”. Elizabeth had also sung “Selamat Tahun Raya”, and the video was played throughout Bulan berkat. Elizabeth sempadan made her first film appearance by teaming up with Usop Wilcha, through the comedy bioskop “Usop Wilcha Meghonjang Makhluk Muzium”, directed by Mamat Khalid, where she acted as Tyra Vlad.

In January 2016, Elizabeth released “Are You Leaving Now” as her first English single. This song was written by Audi Mok, meanwhile, the lyrics were written by Elizabeth herself.

Going independent


She left Ki dukun Talents on 15 March 2017 to manage her own career without the assistance of her personal assistance, while her contract with Faithful Music ended the same day.

Elizabeth was one among the 11 local and Indonesian singers who had re-recorded the song “Kau Ilhamku”. The singers involved were Man Bai, Joe Flizow, Siti Nurhaliza, as well as Indonesian singers, such as Afgan Syah Reza and Cita Citata. The song was promoted as an advertising jingle for a collaboration between a streaming service provider Yonder Music, and the telecommunication company Celcom Axiata.

In September 2016, Elizabeth, along with Faizal Suci and Jaclyn Victor were involved in the #bersatuTENAGA campaign organized by Tenaga Nasional Berhad, where they sang the song “Terangi Hidupku”, in conjunction with the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of Malaysia on 16 September 2016.

Her new single, “SHH” was released in December 2016. Elizabeth released two of her singles in 2018 “Police Entry” which was released in July, followed by “Semua Sudah” in December.

On 31 July 2017, Elizabeth played the role of Mujarad Adrianna in a romcom sandiwara bangsawan series “My Darling, Inspektor Daniel”, published by Skop Productions, and directed by Aziz M. Osman. It was played through Mega Sandiwara slot on Astro Muluk, replacing the drama “Mencintaimu Mr. Photographer”. She collaborated with Aaron Aziz, Siti Elizad, Dazrin Kamarudin, and Erra Fazira.

She played the role of Suzy, a college student who practices a free lifestyle in Gerak Singularis in the bagian of “Jerat Kekasih”. Elizabeth became the main character alongside Zul Ariffin in the sinema directed by Syafiq Yusof, “Misteri Dilaila”, which aired on 21 February 2019. The film was filmed at Fraser’s Hills, Pahang, which also starred Rosyam Nor, Namron and Sasqia Dahuri. Besides that, she has also contributed her voice for the soundtrack of the bioskop “Hidup Semula”. Elizabeth acted with Syafiq Kyle in the drama “Senafas Ribang” where she played two roles, as Vivianna/Siti Nur Ain.







Films/dramas that have not yet released Denotes films/dramas that have not yet released

Komidi gambar


Year Title Role Notes
2015 Usop Wilcha Meghonjang Khalayak Muzium Tyra Vlad Debut film appearances
2018 Busker Melissa
2019 Misteri Dilaila Dilaila
2021 10 Tips Tipu Bini Anna
Mat Bond Malaya Bondi
2022 Gila Gusti Julia
Abang Long Fadil 3 Alice
Seratus Cameo appearance
2023 Escape Eva
TBA Sekolahaha
Films/dramas that have not yet been released
Lizzy Post-production

Television series


Year Title Role TV channel Bloknot
2017 My Darling, Inspektor Daniel Niskala Adrianna Astro Ria
2018 Misteri Bangkai
(Season 1)
Zalia Astro Prima Episode: “Badi Zalia”
Gerak Tunggal
(Season 16)
Suzy TV2 Episode: “Perangkap Kekasih”
2019 Senafas Kangen Vivianna/Siti Nur Alat penglihatan Astro Ria
2021 Keluarga Baha Don
(Season 3)
Krazie Viu
2021-2022 Gerak Singularis Undercover Elly / Sherin TV3
2022 Ex Aku Pontianak Bella Astro Sombong
2023 Special Force: Anarchy Sara Disney+ Hotstar



Year Title Role TV channel
2017 The Berlian Job Datin Mona Astro Citra
Baby Bro Herself (cameo) Astro First Exclusive
2018 Kau Roadblock Hatiku Astro Citra
2019 Senafas Rindu Raya Siti Pendar Ain Astro Angkuh
2020 Nona Vroom Vroom Sarah TV2
Ah How Putus Cinta Shirley Tan Awesome TV
2021 Penyiasat Viral Sarah TV2
2022 Satu Lembah Nikki Gemilang TV & Astro Prima



Year Title Role TV channel Notes
2016 Just Duet Jury Seser. with Once Mekel, Mey Chan and Mike Mohede
2017 29th Malaysian Film Festival Host Astro Ria with Zizan Razak, Siti Elizad and Thanuja Ananthan
2022 Sepahtu Reunion Live Cameo Astro Warna Episode: “Tapan Yang Disakiti”

Music videos


Year Title Artist Bloknot
2013 “Feel Good” Paperplane Pursuit Cameo



Year Products Notes
2014 CIMB
2015 Hot FM
11Street with Zizan Razak
2016 La Cremeria
2017 Thermos
2019 Power Pencelup
Ahmad Tea



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