the defiant ones

How Do You Use Defiant Timers?

Use Defiant timers to programa indoor and outdoor lights to turn on and off on a predetermined schedule.
How to use a timer depends on the eksemplar, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting each timer.

Simple Defiant timers plug into an electrical outlet and have dials or digital display on the cord for programming on and off times. These timers only control the lights plugged into the cord. More complicated models wire into the building’s electrical system and also come with dials or digital displays. These timers can control all the lights in the building.

Timers with digital displays offer more flexibility and precision in setting on and off times than dials. Dials display numbers that represent 24 hours in a day and allow users to keep the lights on for a fixed amount of time each day. Digital displays allow users to program different on and off times for different days of the week and allow precise, down to the minute settings.

Digital timers also offer a random setting for security while users are on vacation. The timer turns lights on and off at slightly different times each day, so it is not obvious that no one is home.