the new adventures of paddle pop

Challenge : Kids (8 -12 years old) have always loved ice cream but keeping our brand top of mind against increased snack and media entertainment choices was a big challenge. In order to truly engage our core target of older kids, we created a unique approach that would differentiate us from the rest of our peers.

Solution :We decided to create a range of adventures for Paddle Pop Lion with a full length TV series of 11 episodes x 22 minutes. Kids were also able to watch the content as a 90 minute movie in cinemas, on DVD and online too. In addition to the content, we developed a 360 immersion program such as online gaming, events, theme park partnerships, and PR. We also included activity to support sales of Kids Ice Cream.

Paddle Pop Adventures featured in over 1 million Kids Ice Cream POS outlets globally and in TVCs across more than 30 markets.

Results : In markets where the Paddle Pop brand already existed, we hit new highs in terms of conviction behind the brand (71% from 65% in Indonesia).  In markets where we launched for the first time we generated high awareness of up to 90% . Our TV programs performed strongly vs. established kids programming such as Phineas & Ferb, Spongebob, High School Musical and Harry Potter in markets such as India, Indonesia, Mexico and Australia. In Turkey, where the content was introduced in cinema to paying customers, we hit a high of the #3 most watched film in the country performing ahead of Hollywood movies.

The impact of our program translated into unprecedented Ice Cream sales withglobal growth of +26% in 2011 with new markets growing even more strongly at +43%.